Why did our Medicare plan client thank us for 1000 less leads?

Measuring success is all in the numbers—but only the right numbers. Despite what some marketers may say, generating more leads is not the primary goal of your advertising.

It’s not the number of leads you should count; it’s only the number of qualified leads that count.  

Unqualified Medicare prospects are a waste of time, money and resources. And counterproductive – particularly during a narrow sales window when your resources are stretched thin chasing unqualified prospects instead of working the good ones.

In the Medicare Marketing and Advertising sector, many health plan executives point to response rate (RR) and cost per response (CPR) as primary metrics for measuring success. We don’t.

For one of our Medicare health plan clients in 2015, Triad Group reduced unqualified responses by 1,000 over the 2014, while delivering the same number of enrollments. Not only did CPA improve, but so did sales efficiencies and conversion rates. Add to that the value of improved brand awareness and affinity, and you get a winning combination for future growth—amother good measure of a successful advertising campaign.


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