A key metric for Medicare marketing success is down for the count.

You test and test. You track and measure. You know your Response Rates, and your Cost per Response.

But in the final analysis, how's your Cost per Acquisition (CPA) looking?

Triad Group believes Medicare Advantage acquisition costs should be below $500 per enrollment — all in. And, while our average CPA is under $500, we’re always looking for ways to get it lower.

Sure, we use the usual tactics; data analytics, predictive modeling, and research, but that’s where the “usual” stops, and being different begins. Eighteen years of experience  marketing healthcare in the senior space taught us a lot about the advantages of being different – and knowing how to communicate it to this evolving audience.

Last fall, for one of our health plan clients we used a well-balanced communications mix, added in our strategy and plenty of creative thinking, and achieved a CPA under $290.00 – all in.  Including all costs for Creative, Television Production & Media buying, Direct Mail, Newsprint, Collateral, Digital Advertising, Outdoor, and a new Website with an On-line Enrollment form.

Exactly how did we do it - and how can we do it for you? Contact us today to find out.