Predictive Modeling & Analytics

What is the Best Remedy for You?
Predictive Modeling is a highly sophisticated tool for improving response rates, prospect conversion and member retention efforts.

Proven across a wide variety of industries, Predictive Modeling helps to market healthcare related products to those individuals who are more likely to respond and convert, saving significant money while gaining invaluable market intelligence.

What to Look For

Your own sales and marketing data is invaluable. And your prospecting efforts deserve nothing less than the best compiled data source for the consumer healthcare market. An experienced group of marketing professionals, business analysts and consultants can bring rich experience in all the critical facets of healthcare marketing, so you won’t have to train them and will get the best possible results. Choose a partner that understands the regulatory landscape and has developed a wealth of “best practices” which they will share with you.

Today, most healthcare marketing breakthroughs are the direct result of analytical discoveries exploited through intelligent strategies. Look for a partner with advanced analytical capabilities to support the discovery of new marketing opportunities, but who also offers basic data analysis for firms just getting started. The right analysts help you understand your own data for greater insight, and then use it to execute the right programs to meet your goals. You will find a wide spectrum of customized services available to you, including:

• Cloning

• Profiling 

• Modeling

• Exploratory Data Analysis

• Field distribution analysis

• Customized segmentation and clustering

• Situation-specific analytical solutions

Can We Help?

At Triad Group, we work with some of the premier data modeling resources in the nation. And each brings specific capabilities, experience, advantages and price points to the table. It’s the choice of data sources and how you use and model them that will make the difference.

Whether you are looking for simple Member Profiling or a full Predictive Model, we will recommend the remedy that is best for you. Call us at (949) 476-1600 or email us at for more information.